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For Listed Companies

An agile organisation makes faster decisions, avoids conflicts and is more efficient. We provide a wide range of services which include transforming your…

  • Decision making (including meetings)

    When decision making is optimised the business unlocks time and money saving.

    We provide services that ensure you create meetings that matter to your business, where the appropriate topics are discussed and debated, which leads to better and more progressive decisions.

    Talking about how you manage meetings won’t be another wasted meeting. We have created governance models whereby meetings are streamlined, efficient and get everyone to contribute.

    Services include agreeing purpose and smart processes for meetings, preparing papers and presentations in an engaging way, structuring meetings to ensure maximum participation and interactivity, documenting meetings with the right level of detail and updating legal documentation effectively.

  • Board/senior management collaboration

    When conflicts are mitigated and there is mutual trust and respect, time is saved and creativity and innovation increase.

    We skilfully combine theory and practice to improve trust and ways of working between the board and senior management increasing decision making and productivity.

  • Legal compliance and risk mitigation

    When risks are mitigated businesses safeguard their reputation and can confidently move faster.

    We support businesses to design and implement good risk governance and to ensure their compliance. Legal compliance helps ensure that your employees follow the law, regulation and ethical practices that apply to your company. It’s an essential part of your business, it safeguards your reputation and can prevent unnecessary fines and litigation. As well as setting an expectation for employee behaviours and values, it keeps them focused on the organisation’s strategy and goals within an ethical framework.

    We believe that every business should be cultivating an appropriate business culture and building a positive reputation both internally and externally. All without increasing bureaucracy and cost.

  • Stakeholder and shareholder engagement

    When stakeholders support a business, success is achievable.

    Understanding and engaging with your stakeholders is vital to business success. Stakeholders can include your owners (shareholders), employees, customers, clients and suppliers. Bringing stakeholders with you on your business journey builds your reputation internally and externally and supports growth.

    Stakeholder engagement also includes external communications such as advising on annual report narrative disclosures as well as annual general meeting (AGM) documentation and communications to ensure you’re aligned with market practice and regarded as a forward-thinking innovative Company.

  • Company secretariat

    When the team is efficiently run more can be achieved in less time.

    While your company may have secretarial support, are you utilising your internal resources to maximise their impact? Our services can support the development and upskilling of your team and can give them a new perspective.

    Where there’s too much to get done or you don’t have the right resources we can also help. While providing a savvy and professional service, we impart our wisdom along the way so that you can upskill your organisation. We can work on short assignments or on a retained consultancy basis.

    We can also support on company formation, maintenance and dissolution, articles of association, company legal documentation and listing requirements.

  • Board - With tailor-made director training, induction and development

    When the Board understand their roles and responsibilities (and they are explained to them in a way that suits them) they are better able to support growth.

    The skills of your directors and employees are critical to the success of your business and ensure high quality productivity and avoid duplication. We offer a wide range of training formats to ensure that you and your team understand what is required and why, can implement change and understand the policies and practices that need to be embedded.

    Bespoke training includes director inductions across a wide range of areas including roles and duties as well as compliance topics, codes and practices.