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Business Health Check

Our health check reviews the governance framework of a company to ensure it is fit for purpose.

‘Fit for purpose’ means different things to different companies and we work with our clients to ensure our review addresses areas of concern and their governance ambitions; best in class, minimum compliance or somewhere in the middle.

We adjust our ‘next steps’ advice according to their journey whilst never compromising our independence or integrity.

Why come to us?

Beyond Governance can turn good governance principles into reality for boards and their employees because we’ve seen these situations many times before. We are quick to identify ways of saving a business time and money and making the most of the resources already available. It’s not about having more it’s about working differently.

Start your journey to govern your company more effectively. Start with Beyond Governance.

We have a number of diagnostic tools that we use to find areas to improve compliance, save resources and improve productivity.

We have a passion for helping businesses succeed and improving corporate governance. If you would like an initial analysis or a deeper and more substantive review, please call us for a chat.