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Boardroom finance for non-financiers

As a CEO, MD, CoSec or Director, you'll want to know that you are ahead of the curve when it comes to key information.

Beyond training delivers the very best, making sure that you are seen as a leader within important areas of your business. Go further than your competitors to enhance your knowledge - Go Beyond Training.

About this course

Company Secretaries (very senior levels) and non-finance directors

What do they want to get out of this:
Remind themselves how to read financial statements, financial terms and how to speak intelligently about finance.

Format of the course:
Interactive – Q&A throughout as necessary, polls and live chats to gauge thoughts/feelings. Lots of hands on/interactive examples.

Course content

Morning session 1 (2 hours)
This first session puts in place the fundamentals of accounting and finance using our unique and intuitive visual framework:

  • Discussion 1 : what are assets?
  • Discussion 2 : how can businesses fund assets?
  • Discussion 3 : the BaSIS framework and how accounting works

Morning session 2 (1 hour)

  • Putting the Fundamentals into practice - interactive accounting learning tool – PART 1

Afternoon session 1 (1 hour)

  • Putting the Fundamentals into practice - interactive accounting learning tool – PART 2

Afternoon session 2 (2 hours)

Now participants understand how accounting works and what accounting terms mean, we start reading and analysing financial statements. This case study enables people to think about the business story behind the numbers to see how a business is performing.

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COST: £750.00

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