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What you should expect from your NEDs amid COVID-19

Now more than ever, non-executive board members can help executive directors cope with providing clear leadership at a time of crisis.

It is their role to provide guidance, perspective and oversight and resist the urge to jump in and blur the lines between the board and operational management. Non-executives are now operating at a different level than a few months ago (pre COVID-19).

Executives and non-executive directors need to be more united than ever, but each of their roles and responsibilities must remain clear to avoid conflict and inefficiency.  

Chairs are finding that they are becoming more involved; increasing their conversations with all board members. The whole board are now required to pull together and provide a more regular sounding board for the CEO. 

Executives are stepping-up their efforts to align their stakeholder engagement, in particular for their employees and shareholders. Consistent messaging and clear timelines are vital.

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