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Top 10 tips for a great virtual AGM

Whatever happens after this pandemic, one thing is for sure; online/virtual meetings are here to stay. So, let’s get everyone up to speed on how to run a great virtual meeting with our top 10 tips.

  1. Rehearse: Run a rehearsal meeting with at least the Chairman, CEO, CFO and any senior executives that may be asked to speak in the meeting. Ideally this should be done at least 10 days before the AGM.
  2. Portal capability checks: Ensure the portal you use supports the number of attendees you are expecting. Many portals restrict the number of attendees. If you need guidance on different providers, please get in touch.
  3. E-Script: Prepare an adapted Chairman’s AGM script and consider how you will deal with disruptions to the meeting from attendees.
  4. Real time voting: Ensure the portal allows real time voting on individual resolutions and align this to the Chairman’s script.
  5. AV systems: Consider whether you want all attendee’s cameras switched off if they are not required to speak to avoid confusion.
  6. Camera ready: Ensure all directors and Company representatives are smartly dressed - they may be at home but tis is an important external meeting!
  7. Establish meeting norms: Ensure the Chairman opens the meeting setting out the meeting norms e.g. phones on mute. Consider if the Company is OK for attendees to record proceedings.
  8. Back-up plans: Ensure that you have a deputy Chairman ready to step in if there are technical snags and the Chairman’s connection drops.
  9. Keep succinct: Stick to the script and keep the meeting as short and productive as possible whilst allowing attendees to ask questions as they would in a physical meeting.
  10. Making Company history: If this is your first virtual AGM you’re making Company history. When it’s all over remember to raise a toast to a meeting well executed!


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