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Important AGM update

Clarity provided on AGM guidance.

Whilst we are expecting government guidance on virtual AGMs soon this has not yet been confirmed. As such we have provided updated guidance for holding AGMs with the Stay at Home Measures currently in place.

At this unsettling time, retail shareholders, and investors generally will be keen to find out how the business is adjusting to, and impacted by, COVID-19. They also want to receive their usual AGM annual update on performance.

While remaining compliant with ongoing listing obligations companies should use this opportunity to demonstrate to shareholders that they continue to consider and appreciate their views and update them as fully as they can in the circumstances.

On Friday 26 March updated guidance was published. We have summarised our 10 top tips from this updated guidance in our expert guide which is available to download below. Details of the full guidance are provided in our expert guide.

10 Key points to consider or act on:

Details of the full guidance have been provided with a link below.

Expert guide

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