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Below are some recent articles we have written in and around the subject of governance.

  • Accountability could cost you your career

    How to avoid the pitfalls of ultimate responsibility

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  • Beyond Governance forges strategic alliance with The Girls’ Network

    …battling inequality of opportunity for girls to realise their full potential…

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  • Building an agile work environment

    This coming weekend marks five months since Boris Johnson announced to the country the need to stay-at-home to protect against the spread of COVID-19 and so lockdown began.

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  • Why your board meeting minutes could cost you £millions

    When preparing for an upcoming Board meeting and having a pack of papers waiting to be read, I can understand why most directors will zip straight to the sexier, big ticket items like financial performance and strategic initiatives. A quick skim of the minutes to check they ‘sound about right’ is all that is needed, right?

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  • How can NEDs supervise without managing?

    How do you provide oversight while not being in a business full time?

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  • The silent assassin; misconduct

    Employees are your greatest asset and your biggest threat. You rely on them to grow the business and achieve your goals but, on occasion, some of their actions and reactions at work can lead to misconduct.

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  • Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020. What’s changed?

    Temporary and permanent measures.
    The long-awaited Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 is now in place but what does it mean for companies? We provide a summary of the key changes.

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  • Preventing misconduct through diversity

    Inclusion, Culture and Governance

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  • You can grow if you look after your people.

    As we teeter on the precipice of the sharpest recession on record according to the Bank of England, it will be critical that teams across British boardrooms focus on how they are going to grow to insulate themselves. Two key elements to ensure growth is to have enough capital and to motivate your workforce.

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  • If you want your business to grow, think AIM

    As many of you will have seen, the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) turned 25 last week.

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