Meetings for SMEs & Large Unlisted.

Some of the areas we can support with include:

  • Meeting purpose - making it clear and defined

  • Meeting processes - working smarter

  • Papers and presentations - making them engaging and fit for purpose

  • Meeting engagement - great interactive meetings

  • Minutes - documenting the right level of content

  • Matters reserved for the Board - drafting and updating this vital document

  • Terms of Reference - drafting and updating committee terms of reference

  • Governance Health Check - comfort that everything is running efficiently (see here)

We believe every business can benefit from some, if not all, of our processes, practises and systems.

"I survived another meeting that should have been an email."


Great meetings should matter to your business because...

The right issues get discussed and debated leading to better decisions. 

Progress is made and everyone's time is used efficiently.

Won't talking about our meetings just be another wasted meeting?

Good meetings are streamlined, efficient, allow everyone to contribute and debate and lead to clear decisions and actions.



Bad meetings are tedious, dull, disorganised and inefficient.



A business without good meetings is wasting time, leaving profits on the table and missing out on instilling a company

culture of efficiency amongst its attendees.

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