"Corporate governance is like the traffic lights on a crossroads;
if no one knows when it is safe to drive there is paralysis, indecision and the flow of traffic slows down".
Inefficiencies cost businesses c.30% of revenue every year!
We make businesses 
more efficient by
implementing better
corporate governance
saving you time.
We make processes, policies and people profitable.

The Benefits.

We're Corporate Governance Strategists. We're not a back office role. We're the lynchpin of an effective organisation.
We make your board of directors and company more efficient, effective and professional by streamlining your corporate governance.
We work with companies of all sizes but we love working with businesses that want to change and grow.
We are different, naturally we ensure your company is legally compliant, but...
We adapt our corporate governance practises [from £multi-million companies] to your business;
streamlining processes, policies and people.
We advise you the way we would our friends.

We've learnt from the best so know what good looks like.

We’re professionals with personalities. 

We consider your bottom-line at all times.

Achieve more

Increase profits

Avoid expensive

bank borrowing

Prepare for the future

Enhance internal

controls and

mitigate risk

Achieve clear roles and

responsibilities for decision makers

Reduce conflicts

Minimise loss

Refine, build and grow the business

Achieve strategic, tactical, operational efficiency

Improve accountability

and waste less time

Attract additional


Our approach to governance means your business can...

Our areas of expertise...

Corporate governance.
Company policies.
Governance health checks.
Leadership health checks.
Risk registers.
Meeting preparation reviews.


Conflicts management.
Board/management meetings.
Meeting process reviews.
AGMs and GMs.
Annual report drafting.


UK Listing obligations.
Governance health checks.
Co sec audits.
Company administration.
Company compliance.
Articles of Association.

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