Corporate Governance for SMEs & Large Unlisted.

Some of the areas we can support with include:

  • Board of directors - making it highly effective and fit for the future

  • Decision making - making smarter choices

  • Board/management collaboration - work better together

  • Remuneration - structuring a good executive package

  • Risk and opportunity - understanding and mitigating risks

  • Communications - shareholder and stakeholder engagement

  • Governance Health Check - comfort that everything is running efficiently (see here)

We believe every business can benefit from some, if not all, of our processes, practises and systems.

"Corporate governance is like the traffic lights on a crossroads;
if no one knows when it is safe to drive there is paralysis, indecision and the flow of traffic slows down".

Corporate governance should matter to your business because...

  • It's the way decisions are made and things get done.

  • Every company has governance but not every company is maximising its true potential especially SMEs and large unlisted companies. 


  • Good governance means achieving more, increasing profits, attracting investment, reducing conflicts, minimising loss and being prepared for the future.  


  • It's the board of director’s responsibility and a lack of it can lead to corporate failure and unethical behaviour.

It's almost as important as your business plan!

Doesn't governance just increase bureaucracy and cost?

Good governance supports an agile organisation that makes faster decisions, avoids unnecessary conflicts, supports the company's culture and has more efficient operations.


Bad governance adds bureaucracy, cost and slows down progress.

A business without corporate governance systems and processes is wasting time, leaving profits on the table

and missing out on creating a culture of integrity amongst employees.

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