Legal/Regulatory Compliance for Listed Companies.

Some of the areas we can support with include:

  • Policies - making them company focussed and culture led

  • Annual Report - drafting corporate governance disclosures 

  • Conflicts of interest - managing the process

  • Delegation of authority - drafting and maintaining documentation

  • Risk registers - actively mitigating risk 

  • The Wates Corporate Governance Principles - company focused compliance

  • The latest Corporate Governance Code - company focused compliance

  • LSE listing requirements - guidance and advice

  • Governance Health Check - comfort that everything is running efficiently

We believe every business can benefit from some, if not all, of our processes, practises and systems.

"One of the greatest mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions

rather than their results."

M. Friedman

Corporate compliance should matter to your business because...

It helps you ensure your employees follow the law, regulation and ethical practises that apply to your company.

It's an essential part of operations and can save companies from fines and litigation.

It sets expectations for employee behaviours and values and helps them stay focussed on the company's goals.


It boosts your company's internal and external reputation.

Doesn't compliance just increase bureaucracy and cost?

Good compliance supports the achievement of business goals within an ethical framework

and drives the company's culture and operations.

Bad compliance exposes a company to unnecessary risk and reputational damage.  

A business without compliance systems and processes is risking fines and litigation 

and missing out on creating a company culture focussed on business goals.

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