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June 2020 Archives

  • You can grow if you look after your people.

    As we teeter on the precipice of the sharpest recession on record according to the Bank of England, it will be critical that teams across British boardrooms focus on how they are going to grow to insulate themselves. Two key elements to ensure growth is to have enough capital and to motivate your workforce.

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  • If you want your business to grow, think AIM

    As many of you will have seen, the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) turned 25 last week.

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  • Is accountability holding you back?

    Accountability is vital for your company’s success, after all “it’s the glue that ties commitment to the result” as Bob Proctor, author and speaker on prosperity said, but with many of us still working remotely how do you build accountability?

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  • Does the term ‘Corporate Governance’ leave you wanting to click your heels and wish you were somewhere else?

    Any business owner wants their business to come across as a vibrant, buzzing place, which operates successfully with creation taking place left, right and center.

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