About Us.

We are different, naturally we ensure your company is legally compliant, but...
Inefficiencies cost businesses c.30% of revenue every year!
We make businesses 
more efficient by
implementing better
corporate governance
saving you time.
We make processes, policies and people profitable.
We adapt our corporate governance practises [from £multi-million companies] to your business;
streamlining processes, policies and people.
We advise you the way we would our friends.

We've learnt from the best so know what good looks like.

We’re professionals with personalities. 

We consider your bottom-line at all times.

We have two approaches...

the COACH and the GP.


The COACH...


helps the business move faster

[streamlining what you're already doing]

and trains management to implement the changes.

The GP...


diagnoses problems based on the 'symptoms' or

[for maximum impact]

we can run a full Beyond Governance Health Check.

Sometimes specialist advice might be recommended.

If this happens we can manage the relationship for you...you get the advice you need with no unnecessary extras [including unnecessary costs]. 

We pride ourselves on advising you, the way we would our friends;

we're honest, reliable and put your company's best interests at the heart of how we advise.

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